Kaleb at 9 weeks 4 days

Monday, January 23, 2012

January is Sanctity of Life Month

    Back before I had my son and my cousin had a family of her own we would spend a week at Emerald Isle during the summer. We would stay at this beautiful condo right on the beach. I have many great memorys from those trips but one thing that always stuck in my mind was how much the turtles lives were vauled there. The egg nest of the turtles were taped off and I believe it was against the law to mess with them, also there was a note in the condos informing us to please turn off the balcony lights at night. This was so when the turtles hatched they would not get confused by the lights and be unable make it into the ocean safely. I thought it was great how these turtles lives were so protected but it makes me sad to think that we don't value the life of a child in the same manner.
    I am pro-life and can't ever remember a time when I wasn't. I'm not sure if having a heart defect and thinking for much of my life I'd never have children of my own that made me decide that abortion was wrong, or if it was just the thought that how can something living and growing inside another living thing not be alive itself. I'm really not sure which thought had the most impact on my belief but I do think that everyones own life experience leads them to how they feel on the subject of abortion. I also believe that medical science has proven that the fetus or baby is a living and growng person right from conception. I saw my own sons first ultrasound at 9 weeks and 4 days and I could not deny he was a tiny little person.
    When I first discovered I was pregnant I was in shock and a little denial. I kept telling the doctor she was wrong I couldn't get pregnant. ( Yes, I know how dumb this sounds.) She wheeled in a portable ultrasound machine and showed me my tiny little butter bean for the first time. 9 weeks and 4 days. I could already see his little legs and arms sprouting from him.Then the doctor begin to tell me that having the baby was much to dangerous with my heart condition, that I only stood a 50% chance of surviving childbirth, and that the babys chances weren't that great either. Honestly, I can say that the first time I saw that little hipicture of m I knew I couldn't live without him. The doctor even made the comment that she should have never showed me that ultrasound picture. I did choose to have my son. I think almost everyone I tolds first response was, Your going to have the abortion right?? or What else can she do but have an abortion?? I even remember a few, Why are you doing this??   My pregnancy was not easy for me or my son, I shed many tears just out of fear alone. I won't go into all the details but Kaleb was born at 24 weeks weighing 1 pd 11 ozs. There was no doubt he was a little gift from God.
    I'm not writing this to judge people who have had abortions or to judge anyone who believes it's a womans choice, though I will say I do believe in this day and age it is a womans choice if she gets pregnant. There are so many forms of birth control that were not avaliable years ago and the thought of sex in general has changed as well (wheather wrong or right) I'd much rather see a young girl on birth control than pregnant .I don't want to make anyone feel judged or to feel guilty, I only want people to see the value of these little lives being lost because I've never met a baby that didn't make me smile, that their little laughter didn't make me want to laugh right along with them,or that their little eyes weren't filled with love, hope, and wonder. All I want is to see each one of them have a chance to live thier life.