Kaleb at 9 weeks 4 days

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


    Every six months I go to Duke Medical Center for a checkup to see one of my cardiologists. On this particular visit my dad had gone with me to help watch my son. My son was only about a year old but he still had not began walking yet so my dad had to tote him most of the day.
   As doctor visits go I had to go here for x-rays, there for echos, and so on but my dad stayed in the waiting room all day. My dad is quite the character and he talks to everyone and had befriended this father and daughter who were sitting beside him in the waiting room. While I was in the waiting to go back to see my doctor my dad introduced me to the family. The girl was only a few years older than myself and she also was born with Tricuspid Atresia.  My dad had been telling them all about Kaleb, my son, and how the doctors had advised me not to have him and how he was my little miracle baby. Sadly it turned out this girl had become pregnant five years earlier and had taken her doctors advice to terminate her pregnancy.
   I went on back to see my doctor but right before we were leaving the girl asked me to go with her to the restroom. Once we were alone she began to cry and hug me. She told me that I had made the right choice to have my son. She said that she had regretted her choice to have an abortion. I felt almost quilty standing there in that bathroom with her. I had my baby there with me and she still felt so sad without hers. I don't even remember the girls name but I think about her often.  I'm sure it must have been a hard choice for her to make. I often pray for her and that God has brought peace to her heart and I always try to remember to thank God for my faith and little bit of crazy that carried me through my own pregnancy.